Cllr Janice Boylan highlights suffering of patients in local Mater Misercordiae Hospital

Cllr Janice Boylan has called on Minister Leo Varadkar to take a long and serious look at the state of our health system.

Speaking today after a recent visit to Mater Hospital to view conditions, Cllr Boylan said:

“Time and time again the Minister for Health and his predecessors have failed to take this crisis seriously. The amount of patients waiting on trollies in our A&E’s is diabolical and in fact will more than likely lead to the untimely death of some patients.

This crisis hasn’t just arrived on our doorstep this has been on the cards for a long time and we in Sinn Féin warned against Minister Reilly cutting €666 million from the budget as you can’t fix a problem by cutting funding to it.

The local Mater Misercordiae Hospital in my area where a Labour TD spent Saturdays protesting before he was elected, and was never seen after the elections, has been very badly hit. On a personal visit recently to the Mater I got speaking to some staff members who were delighted to see Sinn Féin highlighting the issues. Some of the stories I have witnessed and heard have me gravely concerned. It’s time for action now as the situation has gone past crisis point. A third world health system in a country paying first world taxes is not acceptable.

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