Troika does not care what devastation they leave behind – McDonald

Speaking after a meeting with the Troika this afternoon Sinn Féin Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald has said it is clear that neither the Troika nor the Government has the best interests of the Irish people at heart.

Deputy McDonald said the Troika’s focus is on getting the deficit down to 3% and it doesn’t matter to them what devastation is left behind when the leave.

She said;

“This year we will have the 7th austerity budget with €3.1 billion set to be taken out of the economy.

“Unemployment and emigration continue to plague our communities across the state.

“There has been no progress on the promised retroactive recapitalisation of our banks and this week the chairperson of the Eurogroup said there is no political support for such recapitalisation.

“All this is set against the backdrop of the Anglo tapes controversy.

“Having met the Troika today and putting these issues to them it is clear that they are not interested. They are hell bent on getting our deficit down to 3% and then leaving and they don’t care what devastation is left behind when they go.

“The government, in agreeing to the Troika’s targets and methods, are also not putting the interests of the Irish people before the demands for austerity and pain.

“Sinn Féin will continue to put forward solutions that are both economically sound and have the best interests of the Irish people at heart.”

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